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Monday, January 5, 2009

Muslims Dating Online – a Modern Approach to Marriage

Muslims Dating Online – a Modern Approach to Marriage

Author: shazia shah

Muslims have a hard time finding love and romance. They have either the choice of an arranged marriage or finding a partner on their own initiative. When we talk of arranged marriages then it usually means that parents are involved and the potential newly weds would be able to meet each other and give their feelings if they are happy to go along with the wedding or to carry on looking. However, arranged marriages are becoming less and less popular in the West.
Young Muslims today have turned to other mediums to find love. Asking friends to match you up is fine but you never really know who that other person is. Many Muslims feel uncomfortable about dating as some young men and women are only interested in casual dating and nothing more serious or committed.
Muslim matrimonial sites have sprung up in response to the demand for a safe way for Muslims looking for marriage can meet. There is anonymity so all of your personal details are secured away from prying eyes. You will be able to view thousands of other Muslims profiles and can narrow your search down to find someone who fits your lifestyle and criteria exactly. Something that would be very difficult to do if you are relying on family to do. Let’s say for example that you are a practicing Muslim who prays 5 times a day and want to find someone who is equally committed to Islam. By viewing other members profiles you will be able to see what type of Muslims they are i.e. do they wear a hijab, niqab, have a beard, do regular prayers, etc.
One common misconception is that everyone on these types of meeting sites are lying or embellishing their profiles to make them more appealing. This may be true to a certain extent, but remember that these Muslims want to meet other Muslims for possible marriage, they would be deceiving themselves if they were to embellish their profiles.
Are ‘matrimonial sites’ permitted in Islam? Casual dating without the purpose for marriage is not permitted in Islam. Online matrimonial sites allow the users to speak with other members without having to go out with them. Parents can always play an active role in the search online too.
Online Matchmaking removes the awkwardness of meeting other single Muslims. No feelings are hurt and no one has traveled many miles to meet. There is an understanding that is shared on these Muslim matrimonial sites that is not felt on other dating sites. As an Islamic matrimonial site it is instantly viewed as a site where being a Muslim is the first criteria for all.
Living in a modern society where an estimated 50% of all marriages are destined to end in divorce, surely any advantages that can help us find a life long match is worth considering. Dating sites are also very common as 1 in 5 people have used some sort of online match making web site, this can only attest to its success and popularity. There is no longer a need for Muslims to feel that only the desperate use Muslim Matrimonial sites as these sites have proved themselves to be very appealing to Muslims from all around the world.

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About the Author:
Shazia Shah is a practicing Muslim and has been a driving force behind the Muslim Matrimonials website and With Muslim Members from all over the UK and rest of the world.


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